About Us

The Clean Tech Center develops renewable and clean energy technology companies in New York State. A program of The Tech Garden, it is funded by NYSERDA to develop emerging businesses and commercializing technologies in the following sectors:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • System Integration and Smart Grid Technologies
  • Transportation
  • Buildings & Construction Technologies

The Clean Tech Center provides an integrated infrastructure for the incubation, acceleration and retention of companies in this emerging cluster across the state. Collaborators include academic and industry leaders, angel and venture investors, financial institutions, service providers, utilities, industry associations and government agencies providing a network of technical and financial services.

The CleanTech Center helps entrepreneurs and early stage companies develop a strategic roadmap for becoming market leaders in this dynamic sector. In conjunction with a network of partners, The Clean Tech Center offers support starting and financing a clean technology business. Additionally, The Clean Tech Center helps identify resources and assistance associated with proof of concept, development of prototypes, testing, validation, licensing and IP protection through a team of technical advisors.

The goals are to:

  • Develop “investment-ready” companies and connect them with appropriate funding opportunities – from seed to angel, VC, traditional and public finance;
  • Support clean tech companies through the continuum of growth, across lifecycles – particularly fast-track companies on the path to staged growth;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information on the clean tech industry in New York State, as well as specialized resources and programs to support its growth.

Our "investment-ready" process:

We work with companies through a strategic process to help them become "investment-ready." Through intensive mentoring, as well assistance from entrepreneurs in residence and subject matter experts, we take companies through a checklist that includes the following steps:


  • Core team identified and in place, with appropriate skill sets and expertise, including scale-up
  • Advisory board established

Business Plan Development

  • Draft business plan reviewed
  • Final business plan completed
  • Business plan deployed

Technology Development and Deployment

  • Technology platform identified / design complete
  • Clear ownership of IP or license rights established
  • Prototype developed
  • Testing partner identified
  • Proof of concept established
  • Technology road map and product development plan outlined

Sales and Marketing Development Plan and Deployment

  • Path to market and sales development/distribution channels identified
  • Marketing plan developed
  • Early adopters identified for beta testing, along with target markets for scale-up
  • Sales and marketing plan deployed

Scale-up Plan Development

  • Production plan in place based on vetted realistic assumptions
  • Issues identified on critical path that could change timing/scale of assumptions
  • Supply chain partnerships and development relationships identified
  • Sales/Production/Inventory plan outlined
  • Manufacturing partnerships identified
  • Initial scale-up space plan and capital needs identified

Strategic partnerships

  • Key strategic partners identified for potential joint ventures, co-funding, licensing or distribution
  • Ecosystem partners identified in the broader marketplace


  • Payback economics clear, with well articulated ROI
  • Accurate understanding of price and costs, including SG&A expenses
  • Funding strategy developed with clear sources and uses of funds, and three-year pro formas
  • Time to revenue model in place that addresses realistic cash flow model
  • Realistic growth curve in place
  • Sources of funds identified (public and private, regional programs, etc.)
  • Initial investor prospect list developed
  • Investor packet prepared, along with vetted investor pitch and slide deck
  • Exit plan identified

Investors look to us to help qualify companies, and companies look to us to understand what investors need.

It's a process that produces results.

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Supported by NYSERDA and The Tech Garden

NYSERDA is working to solve New York’s difficult energy and environmental problems in ways that improve the State’s economy. Effective business assistance programs not only enable clean energy companies to achieve growth and succeed globally, but also meet increased demand for clean energy and energy-efficient products. By diversifying New York's industrial and manufacturing resources with growing early-stage clean energy technology companies, the State is a leader in the innovation economy.

The Tech Garden serves high-technology entrepreneurs across Central Upstate New York, offering mentoring and support services in an award-winning incubation facility in downtown Syracuse. It is also home to the Seed Capital Fund of CNY, an organization which assists start-ups by providing early-stage funding and investor management support. Tech Garden resources include an "entrepreneur in residence program" and innovative statewide programs to support emerging technology businesses.