Clean Tech Center Portfolio Companies

Companies admitted to The Clean Tech Center

A NYSERDA Clean Energy Incubator Program

Companies admitted to the program represents a diversity of technology sectors across Upstate New York. Together, they are an important part of growing the green innovation economy and a new energy future for New York State. The Clean Tech Center looks forward to working with them on the road to commercialization and accelerated growth.

Seventh round companies:


Air-Value is an innovative air delivery system targeting the building envelope. The result is ONE system which provides the highest level of insulation, thermal comfort and advanced air cleaning for any building structure.

Contact: Igor Beyder,


Trashure is a renewable energy company that converts food and compostable product waste from dining halls, restaurants, and large institutions into biomass fuel. The resulting biomass briquettes can be used as an alternative to conventional wood chip and coal fuels, making it a sustainable fuel source for district heating plants and residential wood-burning stoves.

Contact: Alex Hantman, 914-924-0725

Kohilo Wind

Kohilo Wind is an independent developer of an advanced wind turbine technology based in Jordan, New York. Our mission to provide high efficiency, environmentally friendly, affordable and versatile wind solutions that harvest energy in low and high wind, highly turbulent areas. Kohilo's unique patented blade system is not only mobile but is available for rooftop, ballast towers, mono pole towers, self sustaining light poles, and grain silos.

Sixth round companies:

Avatar Sustainable Technologies

We are commercializing a one pot patented process developed in SUNY ESF which economically produces fermentable cellulosic sugars from refuse of local industries. The byproduct produced can be sold to agricultural related industries. The feed stock itself is a revenue source (tipping fees for accepting solid waste) while the sugars are sold at an average of $0.18 per pound on commodity market. The sugars can be sold to sugar based industries.

Bhavin Bhayani, CEO

Solstice Power

Solstice has developed an innovative and proprietary solar panel design called the Solstice Hybrid System, that cuts the cost of a fully installed solar power system to 1/3 the industry standard. No need to worry about up front costs and its risk free. With the Solstice Utility Plan, Solstice will install our system on your property and simply send a monthly energy bill based solely on the energy used.


RenAir is offering a more reliable way to determine the suitability of a site for the construction of wind energy projects. Wind farms developed using our services will produce 5-15% more energy than those without. This translates to a revenue increase of more than $20 million over the lifetime of an average 100MW wind farm, whereas RenAir will initially charge only $60,000/project. Our initial market segment will be North-East USA, followed by Texas and Iowa, which have a high growth rate of wind energy. No other current technology can provide high resolution site-wide wind mapping at such a reasonable cost. From a practical standpoint, our overall goal is to develop a multipoint wind data collection and site-wide wind mapping technology that costs less than $0.5/kW installed.

Quansor Coporation


The Quansor Corporation, led by John Merrill, has developed a new type of quantum resonance sensor for detecting Arsenic and other water-borne contaminants at very low concentrations and was recently awarded a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation to pursue further development of the apparatus.
The Quansor Monitor is a real-time water monitor that can be used safely in both residential and commercial scenarios for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment systems that may be in place for mitigating the arsenic levels from the tap or well.The Quansor Corporation, led by John Merrill, has developed a new type of quantum resonance sensor for detecting Arsenic and other water-borne contaminants at very low concentrations and was recently awarded a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation to pursue further development of the apparatus.

The Quansor Monitor is a real-time water monitor that can be used safely in both residential and commercial scenarios for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment systems that may be in place for mitigating the arsenic levels from the tap or well.

Fifth round companies:

Green Vendors

Simply Grid provides a solution for on demand access to electricity. Our proprietary technology enables access to on-site, self-service electricity via industry standard charging stations and in-wall outlets for customers who initiate service with their mobile phones. We can power: Mobile Food Vendors, Reductions in Fleet Vehicle Idling, Marina and RV stations, and Personal Electronic Devcies in Public Venues. 

Michael Dubrovsky, President 
(917) 846-6054
(718) 306-2379


WavElectric harvests the power of waves to produce low cost, sustainable electricity.The disruptive yet simple geometry of our generator produces electricity from any kind of kinetic motion. Housed in a single buoy or in arrays, WavElectric can be scaled from a few watts to several megawatts. WavElectric’s technology is already the cheapest and most effective sustainable source of power: our goal is to provide the world with a constant, widely available, renewable source of energy

Alessandro A.E. Anzani, CEO
(917) 434-9097

Gaia Energy Solutions

Gaia Energy Solutions (GES) is focused on improving innovation for alternative energy technology within the solar energy industry. Its mission is to provide resolution to high-priced, moderately effective alternative energy solutions by engineering superior innovative designs. GES has also created market opportunity in the form of aesthetic appeal, an element that has been absent with traditional solar systems. GES will market a three dimensional solar array to compete in the commercial and public sector. The array, coined EnerTree is a solar system designed like a bonsai tree, which will provide an aesthetic new energy option to these markets. 

Alex Goldblatt, CEO


Fourth round companies:

Ephesus Technologies

Ephesus Technologies, LLC creates commercial and municipal nanotechnology applications that leverage local resources to achieve global impact. With an interdisciplinary team of area university and industry leaders, Ephesus aims to develop new advanced LEDs and other high- performance devices that will enrich New York State with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology involves organizing individual atoms and molecules to create energy-efficient materials and devices “from the bottom up.” Ephesus has formed strategic partnerships to build a green technology ecosystem in New York State. The ecosystem initiative begins with nanotechnology research at area universities including Binghamton University, Clarkson University, Alfred University, Cornell University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Synairco has a patented technology that replaces the standard air-conditioner with a new highly energy efficient air conditioner that uses zero harmful chemicals. Synairco’s technology will improve cooling efficiency, improve the control of temperature and humidity, and improve comfort and air quality. Synairco accomplishes this by using a patented system to split air from a building into two distinct streams and makes use of waste heat present and cool water present in most built environments. 

Christa Shopis
President, Synairco
(607) 277-1118 x 117

Rapid Cure Technologies

Rapid Cure Technologies’ focus is to provide sustainable custom solutions to the coatings, composite resins, inks and adhesive markets. RCT is a formulator and manufacturer of 100% solids radiation curable (UV/EB) materials for a very diverse market. Using unique custom formulated chemistry, turn-key manufacturing systems and strategic partnerships RCT will provide exceptional technology, value, service and support.  Rapid Cure Technologies custom formulates chemistries to meet customers’ needs for a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.  Rapid Cure Technologies is co-located at the Tech Garden and at SUNY ESF’s NYSERDA -funded UV/EB Center.

Tim Shaughnessy
President and CEO, Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc.
(315) 399-8055

NOHMs Technologies

NOHMs Technologies, Inc. is commercializing rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology with significant performance, cost, safety, and environmental advantages. More than a decade of research at Cornell University has yielded three technology patent filings, which are being licensed to the company. Nanoscale Organic Hybrid Materials (“NOHMs”) technology platform offers significant opportunities for new anode, cathode, and electrolyte development with a wide array of material compositions. NOHMs Tech has positioned itself as a battery materials supplier and developer of battery prototypes.

Nathan Ball
CEO, NOHMs Technology
(254) 223-1389

Salt City Technical

Salt City Technical is developing a new, state of the art flow-sensor which incorporates piezoelectric film as the sensing member that is capable of simultaneously measuring wind speed and direction. This product will have the accuracy and reliability of scientific grade wind measurement sensors with low manufactured cost allowing it to secure the mid-range of the wind speed and the direction monitoring markets. By utilizing solid state electronics in place of traditional rotating sensors, the product will have significant reliability improvements over existing low end products.

Michael Grieb
Vice President, Salt City Technical Corp.
(315) 456-8461 (office)
(315) 857-7580 (mobile)

Third round companies:

BioChar Heating

BioChar Heating is an early-stage company commercializing biochar soil amendment and biochar equipment. Rising fossil fuel prices have increased the demand for lower cost heating alternatives, and many people are turning to wood because of its affordability. However efficient clean burning wood furnaces are expensive. Biochar’s products will appeal to customers such as ranchers, farmers, nurseries, mills, and other customers with organic waste streams who will benefit from cost saving and potential revenue generating opportunities.

Seth Rutledge
611 Beech Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 317-5097

Dense Power

Dense Power is developing solid state power controller products based on high-temperature power electronics packaging. A proprietary packaging technique that allows Dense Power to create smaller, lighter, faster and more reliable, energy efficient power electronic systems. Power Electronics is integral to future Smart Grid and MicroGrid systems, particularly with growing emphasis on DC generation and distributions. Similar systems exist in air and sea ships, and consulter, fleet and military electric vehicles. However, grid protection has many new challenges for fault response and grid control, due to the high frequency operation environment power electronics provides.

Doug Hopkins Ph.D.
President and CEO
Denal Way, m/s 408
Vestal, NY 13850
(607) 729-2585

Emerson Sustainability Consulting, LLC

Emerson Sustainability Consulting, LLC is developing a web based tool that empowers and motivates users to achieve their sustainability goals for their home, using Building Science principles. Emerson’s web tool allows users to better monitor their energy usage and efficiency based on the size and needs of their unique home. Emerson Sustainability Consulting LLC, founded in 2009, offers management counsel for developing a business model and marketing plan, as well as on site, interactive training for CSR’s, technicians, and sales staff. As part of Emerson Sustainability Consulting, Jeff is expanded the focus of the business to include product development for consumer energy measuring and monitoring.

Jeff Emerson, Founder
176 Steinbough Lane
Oxford, NY 13830
(607) 316-3343


New York-based, Haledyne creates healthy energy-based solutions with the mission of reducing health risks on a global scale. Haledyne's technologies make it possible for companies, institutions and governmental agencies to deploy effective steps toward mitigating airborne infectious disease transmission. From the ability to decrease the amount of everyday germs to the potential to avoid more serious life threatening health issues, Haledyne provides added protection against disease transmission in a variety of medium to high-risk public settings.


Cortland Research LLC

Cortland Research LLC is an engineering firm developing a user friendly physical interface that can access, measure, analyze and report energy efficiency data in useful and reliable formats to residential, commercial and industrial consumers. The information provided to the customer is collected using real time, non-invasive methods thus providing the most accurate and up to date information possible. The advantage that Cortland Research offers is the ability to integrate communications, antennas, data converters, electromagnetic components and other discrete functions into compact designs. They also provide capabilities for wireless networking, thereby reducing the cost of installation for multiple device systems.


Second round companies:

Applied Biorefinery Sciences, LLC

Applied Biorefinery Sciences, LLC is an early-stage company commercializing proprietary bioconversion technology such as hot water extraction, separation, and recovery of commercial chemicals from woody biomass. Applied Biorefinery Sciences’ Hot Water Extraction (HWE) and product recovery technology uses a proprietary process which coaxes and purifies naturally occurring, petroleum substitute chemicals from woody biomass, while leaving the wood chips intact and improved for traditional uses such as manufacture of fuel pellets, fiberboard, or pulp and paper. The extracted and purified chemicals can be used as, or converted to, renewable substitutes for liquid fuels, creating sustainable, renewable energy alternatives and carbon neutral biodegradable products. The company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Thomas E. Amidon, of SUNY ESF and six other partners. CEO Joel Howard has 30 years of experience in forestry, natural resources management and applied ecology, is a retired SUNY ESF faculty member and a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Joel R. Howard
4736 Onondaga Blvd, #451
Syracuse, NY 13219
(315) 317-9166

Cameron Manufacturing and Design

Cameron Manufacturing and Design specializes in custom sheet metal fabrications and machined parts, from prototypes to full production runs. The company has developed a novel product with an energy play. Cameron has been collaborating with Clarkson University on the design and fabrication of a grid electrode precipitator (GEP) that reduces the concentration of air-borne particles in clean room settings, along with producing greater energy efficiency. Testing will be done in a clean room that Cameron will donate to Clarkson, and when testing is complete, the GEP will be installed in a clean room at the Infotonics Center, a New York State Center of Excellence in Rochester that develops and commercializes micro-electro-mechanical systems). Infotonics spends approximately $1 million per year on electricity, with most of this cost associated with forced air through HEPA filters in the clean room ceilings. Cameron’s GEP will replace these HEPA filters. The goal of the project with The Clean Tech Center is to identify a path to commercialization. The Clean Tech Center will work with the company on formulating a business plan and path to market, as well as a funding strategy. The employee-owned (ESOP) company is recognized as a leading supplier of metal fabrications, custom machinery, precision and production machining and engineering services

Ron Johnson, President
727 Blostein Blvd
Horseheads, NY


EvPlugSite provides a comprehensive information gateway to deploy and manage electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Using a web based reservation system; electric vehicle owners can access and schedule a location and time to charge their vehicle while on the go. The electric vehicle fueling infrastructure will allow for the increased use of alternative fuel vehicles such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles. EvPlugSite is designing proprietary software to manage electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The Company’s management team has both business and technical expertise and is comprised of members from EvPlugSite’s sponsoring company, Synapse Partners and through its not-for-profit company, Synapse Sustainability Trust. EvPlugSite will deploy 68 electric plug-in charging stations at various Destination Locations throughout Onondaga County. An Alternative Power and Fueling Hub is planned at the former NYC Train Depot at the eastern gateway into the City of Syracuse in order to house seven electric plug-in charging stations powered by a photovoltaic system.

Vita DeMarchi
325 East Water Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 475-3700


Orthogonal researchers at Cornell University have created a new photolithography platform that enables the direct patterning of chemically sensitive organic materials with a proprietary photoresist material. By leveraging the existing infrastructure of the flat panel display industry, Orthogonal's resist technology will enable the use of large scale equipment to manufacture OLED displays with economies of scale enjoyed by the current generation of flat panel display technologies, LCD and PDP. This will allow the lowering of both capital cost for OLED display manufacturers as well as variable costs as they can move to larger panel sizes that are not achievable with conventional patterning techniques.

Orthogonal’s fluorinated photoresists offers a new combination of compatibility, performance and green processing. It recently won first place at the annual "World's Best Technology" (WBT) conference in Austin, Texas. The WBT showcase is the nation's premier event showcasing the largest collection of vetted and mentored companies and technologies emanating from top universities, labs, research institutions, and the private sector from across the country and around the globe. WBT is widely recognized for having the highest quality seed and early stage deals. The WBTshowcase has emerged as the world's largest forum of pre-screened, pre-prepped, undiscovered companies and technologies emanating from top universities, labs, and research institutions from across the country and around the globe.

Fox Holt, CEO
95 Brown Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
(917) 687-5792

First round companies:


Antek has developed a revolutionary low cost method of manufacturing high efficiency solar cells. Its patented hetero-junction process pairs traditional crystalline silicon wafers with a proprietary thin-film, boosting efficiency and cutting manufacturing costs. The revolutionary process was developed in the laboratory of solar experts at Syracuse University. Antek's technology lays out a path to grid parity for solar PV, with its high efficiency, low cost production process.

Anthony A. Terrinoni
106 Shuart Ave., Suite 1 Syracuse, NY 13203
(315) 708-4198

GoVo Biofuels LLC

GoVo Biofuels LLC is developing a plan to become the first scalable, liquid biomass project in New York State. The company is located in the Syracuse Technology Garden and has an operations depot in Cortland, NY. It launched in May, 2008.

GoVo Biofuels focuses on providing vegetable oil based fuels as alternatives to heating oil and diesel fuel. The fuel products are less expensive and significantly greener than other biofuels because the fuel is straight vegetable oil. A large scale test project has validated boiler equipment upgrades and modifications, with results that include both efficiency and costs savings. The highest use of #2 heating oil is in the Northeastern United States, and GoVo Biofuels is working on a scalable plan to address the challenge of reducing consumption of petroleum, particularly for the heating market. The energy potential (BTU’s and MPG) are nearly identical between the two fuels. In conjunction with the production of biofuel, GoVo is focusing on how boiler equipment modifications can accommodate VOF fuels and increase efficiency gains.

Seth M. Mulligan
The Tech Garden, 235 Harrison Street, Syracuse, NY 13202
(888) 355-0208

Greenview (GV)

Greenview (GV) integrates utility data and site assessments to identify energy conservation opportunities. As a startup, GV is both developing proprietary IP and using off the shelf components to remotely monitor and control energy use in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. GV systems have also been used to monitor and report on energy produced by PV systems, fuel cells, and heat recovery equipment. The data is collected, normalized, stored, and professionally analyzed to provide alerts and recommendations to the facilities team and occupants. Greenview has installed systems for the US Army at Fort Drum and is pursuing immediate opportunities with universities, manufacturers and government agencie Greenview uses computer hardware and software to acquire real-time energy information from buildings for the purpose of identifying energy saving opportunities and reducing carbon footprint. GV has developed fault detection and diagnosis routines to apply to hidden sources of energy waste. The system connects and communicates with industrial and revenue grade meters including electrical, gas, steam, water and compressed air. GV’s expertise extends to obtaining performance data from renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic (PV), fuel cells, solar, geothermal, biodiesel, and wind. Provided with information on current energy use, CO2 and operating costs displayed on websites and kiosks in their facilities, our clients and their occupants and employees are informed about opportunities and recommendations to save energy. With actionable energy information, local solutions can help solve global problems.

Dean D’Amore
PO Box 459, New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 507-4922

Impact Technologies

Impact Technologies has a mission to produce, distribute, and create awareness of user-friendly alternative energy products and sources of power. By entering into the quickly expanding green technologies industry, Impact’s primary focus is to distribute a user-ready, high quality alternative fuel that is priced competitively with electricity. Impact Technologies is expanding into a fully operational equipment manufacturer and distributor. Impact Technologies is developing a vertical axis wind turbine with a multistage axial flux generator,. Its multistage axial flux generator ensures peak efficiency with the use of voltage variations within the stators that charge at designated RPMs.

Ray Davis & TriciaRae Davis
920 Spencer Street
(315) 463-2434


IntelliSyn is developing a sustainable technology for the profitable fermentation of butanol as an alternative fuel. Formed in 2009, the company is engaged in bench top laboratory scale testing and will be pursuing a pilot scale-up plant in Syracuse for its patent pending technology. IntelliSyn uses an organism that naturally makes a metabolite (butanol) precursor that is readily converted into butanol stoichiometrically, using technology that has been developed on the industrial scale. The company believes the unique characteristics inherent in this technology will establish a superior value proposition. The U.S. government has mandated that1 billion gallons of domestic fuel be produced by 2013. Leading candidates for replacement fuels are ethanol, biodiesel and butanol. IntelliSyn believes it can produce butanol at a lower price than competing processes, utilizing a process that eliminates a step in the fermentation process using well-established science.

Robert Doyle, President
1-014 Center for Science and Technology, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY 13244
(315) 443-3584


MicroGen is developing the world's most efficient, most cost effecitve, long lifetime power source solution for the wireless sensor network industry's customers. Its MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) based piezoelectric vibrational energy harvester technology for wireless sensor network (WSN) applications will extend rechargable battery lifetimes, and can eliminate them altogether. MicroGen, a University of Vermont spin-out, is located at the Cornell Business and Technology Park and utilizes the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF) for development. Robert Andosca is a nationally recognized expert in MEMS and the semiconductor industry. In addition to founding microGen Systems, he is owner and consultant at Ithaca MicroSystems Technology and a Ph.D. candidate in materials science at the University of Vermont. He was previously program manager and senior MEMS scientist at the Infotonics Technology Center and was development and foundry manager at Lilliputian System

MicroGen's target market is powering sensors, including: Defense applications (e.g. chemical and biological weapon detection); smart infrastructure (e.g. monitoring bridges, dams and water systems); smart energy (e.g. monitoring lighting levels in commercial buildings); smart industry (e.g. monitoring electrical equipment); and smart transportation (e.g. monitoring tire-pressure and vibration).

David Hessler, Chief Executive Officer
Robert G. Andosca, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
Cornell Business and Technology Park
95 Brown Road, Suite 129
Ithaca, New York 14850-1257
(607) 237-3001

The Paper Battery Company

The Paper Battery Company will bring to market sheet-like, scalable and conformable, rechargeable energy storage devices, based on supercapacitor technology, a breakthrough in an industry dominated by rigidly packaged products. The company was founded in late 2008 and holds a world-wide exclusive license to core technology patent from RPI. The PowerWrapper™ technology - a flexible nanocomposite rechargeable energy storage structural component that provides power and enables size and weight reduction as an architectural component. The PowerWrapper™ will be manufactured by inserting a few customized modules into established, high volume, roll to roll, print-forming production lines, leveraging existing technology and infrastructure base. The product is currently in laboratory prototyping mode. This disruptive technology enables new product innovation in existing or emerging markets that cannot be addressed by current rigid storage devices. Scalable, thin and conformable energy storage sheets are a breakthrough in an industry dominated by rigidly packaged products.

Shreefal Mehta, CEO
45 Ferry Street, Troy, NY 12180
(518) 331-8078


SolarNovar manufactures a Solar Tracking Platform designed for rugged environments, such as the northeast. SolarNovar is also involved in research and development in the renewables industry. SolarNovar, using in-house talent, designed, prototyped and built a utility-grade dual axis Solar Tracking Platform. SolarNovar is now manufacturing and selling the SolarNovar Tracker. By mounting any PV panel on the Tracker, the performance (production) of the panels is increased by over 40%. The software intelligence (designed by the SolarNovar Team led by Greg Brienza) allows the Tracker to follow the sun at 90 degrees for peak-angle performance. It can park itself in high winds or self-dump snow without operator input. Once connected to the Internet, the Tracker “talks” via Text Messaging or e-mail notifications. Custom options are also available depending on the needs of the customer. Applications are wide, as demand for solar grows and incentives continue to be developed to stimulate adoption of advanced solar technologies. Sectors include: Utilities, Airports, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Municipal Solar Parks

Greg Brienza, Founder/President
158 Quarry Rd, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
(518) 324-5410 x 229