Services We Provide

"The road to innovation starts with a good plan. The Clean Tech Center can help develop the roadmap for growth."

The Clean Tech Center offers support for entrepreneurs and early stage companies through incubation and acceleration. Whether it's launching a new enterprise or expanding into new markets, The Clean Tech Center can help support renewable and clean energy technology companies through various stages of growth.

As one of NYSERDA's clean energy incubators, The Clean Tech Center is well positioned to connect your business with a broad spectrum of NYSERDA programs and services for business development. These programs include:

  • Business incubation
  • Early stage research and development
  • Business growth and development
  • Business expansion and manufacturing

The Clean Tech Center is a network of collaborators that span New York State. Partners include:

  • Leading New York State colleges and universities
  • Industry market leaders
  • Investors
  • Service providers
  • Utilities
  • Technology and industry associations
  • Government agencies

The Clean Tech Center is a clearinghouse of resources and programs, as well as a service provider. The portfolio of services include:

  • Business Plan Assistance
    Refining business concept and plan, market research and industry drivers, gap analysis and strategy development, specialized business assistance services
  • Technology Plan Assistance
    Technical assessment and gap analysis, connections for proof of concept, prototype development and testing, specialized services, connections for IP protection and licensing
  • Funding Plan Assistance
    Funding strategy and perfecting “the pitch,” certification as “investment-ready,” seed capital and specialized sources of growth capital, public and other funding for staged growth, identification of grant opportunities
  • Partnership Opportunities
    Contract opportunities, joint ventures, trade contacts, export opportunities, R&D and industry partnerships
  • Networking/Education/Events
    Tech expos, technical seminars, pre-seed workshops, venture forums, educational programs and lecture series with renowned entrepreneurs

Through this unique consortium approach, The CleanTech Center can provide world-class hands-on support for entrepreneurs on how to launch and finance clean technology enterprises, including understanding market drivers and emerging opportunities.

In addition, The CleanTech Center can connect clean tech companies with national and state resource providers for acceleration support of staged growth. The CleanTech Center can connect companies across lifecycles with appropriate funding opportunities – from seed to angel, VC, traditional and public finance – with a goal of quickly bringing concepts and products to the dynamic clean tech marketplace.

The result is a regional innovation ecosystem that stimulates:

  • The incubation and early stage growth of new firms across a broad spectrum of clean technologies
  • The acceleration of existing firms, particularly through the introduction of new value-added enterprises related to clean technology or expansion into new markets

To learn more about the full scope of services and to connect, please e-mail us at: